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GreenFacts is a member of the IUCN (World Conservation Union)

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Our Current Partners

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We classify our Partner Organizations into three main groups:

  • Public Funding Partners (see full list): Governments, public institutions, international organizations. More...
  • Corporate Funding Partners (see full list): Business and industry companies and associations. More...
  • Collaborating Partners (see full list) Non profit, scientific, communication and media organizations. More...

GreenFacts is also a member of several organizations (see full list).

Public Funding Partners   (alphabetical order)

The Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos is a part of the Flemish Ministry of Environment, Nature and Energy. It is an executive body that lends it support to policy-making, sustainable management and strengthening of nature, woods, parks, and public greens in Flanders and this in the heart of cities as well as in the countryside.

Belgian Science Policy Office has the mission to prepare, execute, and evaluate science policy and its extensions as well as implement scientific and technical means in support of Federal Authority competences. It is also reponsible for the development of a permanent knowledge resource within scientific and technical spheres at the service of the Federal Authority.
Signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summi, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is dedicated to promoting sustainable development. It recognizes that biological diversity is about more than plants, animals and micro organisms and their ecosystems – it is about people and our need for food security, medicines, fresh air and water, shelter, and a clean and healthy environment in which to live.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is Switzerland’s international cooperation agency within the Swiss Foreign Ministry. SDC provided funding for the Spanish and French translations of various GreenFacts summaries.

Defra The overarching challenge for Defra is to enable everyone to live within our environmental means
The Global Mechanism is a subsidiary body of the United Natiosn Convention to Combat Desertification. As one of the partners in Convention implementation, it provides a range of specialized financial advisory services to the Parties, with the aim of increasing development finance for poverty reduction by promoting sustainable land management.

IRSIB - IWOIB (Institut d’encouragement de la Recherche Scientifique et de l’Innovation de Bruxelles) has the mission to encourage, support, and valorize scientific research and technological innovation in accordance with the policy of the Brussels-Capital Region.

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Corporate Funding Partners   (alphabetical order)

Alstom Alstom is a world leader in the Power and Transport businesses, notably in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport. It is present in 70 countries worldwide.

AUREA is a European Group dedicated to recycling. Its activity consists in purchasing wastes from collectors. 

Ferrari Textiles is a manufacturer in membranes and textile composites. It is involved in sustainable development and recycles its products - see www.texyloop.com.

Rio Tinto is a leader in finding, mining and processing the earth's mineral resources. The Group's worldwide operations supply essential minerals and metals that help to meet global needs and contribute to improvements in living standards.

SOLVAY is an international chemical and pharmaceutical group with headquarters in Brussels.

Suez, an international industrial and services Group, designs sustainable and innovative solutions in the management of public utilities as a partner of public authorities, businesses and individuals. The Group aims to answer essential needs in electricity, natural gas, energy services, water and waste management.

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Collaborating Partners   (alphabetical order)

 ARA ARA (Allied Resources Allocator) is a leading non-profit business information organization. We help our clients enhance their targeted communication by providing the best strategic networking, business intelligence, and corporate hospitality. ARA is the organizer of the ARA Asia Energy Dialogue Episode IX: “COAL-GEN SUSTAINABILITY CHINA 2008”, for which it has produced a Chinese version of GreenFacts’ leaflet on CO2 Capture and Storage.
Bellona is a multi-disciplinary international environmental NGO that works with governments, experts, and other NGOs to achieve sustainable solutions for the world's most pressing environmental problems, including the clean-up of the Cold War legacy in Russia and the fight against global warming. The findings are published on Bellona Web to keep the public aware and educated about the environment in which it lives.

The CASCADE Network of Excellence seeks durable coordination and integration of European research on the human health effects of chemical residues in food. CASCADE brings together 24 research groups from nine EU member states, and is financed by the European Commission, Framework Programme 6.

CategoryNET is a network of web portals dedicated to communication professionals and journalists.

CINSA (National Interuniversity Consortium for Environmental Sciences) is a consortium of Italian environmental sciences universities, with the aim to satisfy the most advanced requirements of environmental methodological and interdisciplinary Digest.

Club Of Rome The Brussels EU Chapter of the Club of Rome (CoR-EU) is an independent non-profit association affiliated with the Club of Rome, a global think tank. It's mission is to act as a catalyst of reflection on sustainable development in Europe on all levels: Government and private.
Comité 21 The "Comité 21" or the French Committee for the environment and sustainable development, is a non-profit organisation under the French law, created in 1995 to promote the Agenda 21 in France, program of actions for the 21st century, ratified at the Earth Summit of Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Da Vinci Instituut is a non-profit organization which provides a solid scientific base to scientific and technical communication to the public, with a specific focus on interactivity.

Decider's is an executives consultancy specialised in company consulting on institutional communication and communication strategy.

Development Gateway provides a global information portal and related services to facilitate knowledge-sharing and partnerships dedicated to improving the lives of people in developing countries.

DIVERSITAS is an international research program with the aim to 1) promote science on biodiversity and 2) provide the scientific basis of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

EpE (Entreprises Pour l'Environnement) is a non-profit organization created in 1992. It is a coalition of leading companies operating in France united by a commitment to the environment and to sustainable development.

ESPERE The International Scientific Association ESPERE is an international association promoting the dissemination and information work carried out by scientists and pedagogues for schools and the public in the field of environmental and climate science.

ETAP was adopted in January 2004 to help enhance innovation, growth and
sustainable development in Europe. The ambitious Action Plan is intended to boost development and use of environmental technologies to improve European competitiveness in this area, and enable the EU to become the recognised world leader.

EurActiv is the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs.

EPE (European Partners for the Environment) is an independent non-profit organization created in 1993 to bring together stakeholders to build the ground for consensus on sustainability.

EUN (European Schoolnet) is a "not-for-profit consortium of 28 ministries of education in Europe created in 1997." By providing major European education portals, EUN is "at the crossroads of national and regional education networks, building synergies between communities of teachers, learners, developers, researchers and policy-makers."
European Water Partnership is an independent non-profit multi-stakeholder organization which helps to coordinate initiatives and activities in international water issues and undertakes worldwide promotion of European expertise related to water.

The Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam is in charge of research and educational activities. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to complete their curriculum with field experiences in science communication and education.

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) is the only multi-sector
employers' organisation representing companies in all three regions of Belgium. Its members, Belgium's leading sectoral federations, represent companies in key industrial and service sectors. FEB has 33 full members, all of which are professional sectoral federations, as well as a number of applicant and corresponding members. All in all, it represents more than 30,000 businesses, of which 25,000 are small or mediumsized enterprises. In terms of jobs, FEB represents approximately 1.5 million workers in the private sector.

Globe Europe is a non-profit network of parliamentarians in all EU Member States and Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey who work together across party- and country lines to enhance sustainable development and support the protection of environment and biodiversity.
Green Report Green Report Green Report is the leading environmental magazine published for the Romanian market by Ahead International. It focuses on sustainable development, presented from a three-dimensional point of view: Business, Legal and Social. For underlining the importance of the environmental field we also organize events and conferences on this topic.
IFEJ IFEJ (International Federation of Environmental Journalists) has the mission to improve public understanding of environment and sustainable development issues worldwide through networking, training and promoting free access to information

The Brussels-based JSB (Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique) aims to stimulate the interest of tomorrow's citizens for science and to contribute to their education and scientific culture by organizing events such as Expo-Sciences.

Inforsciences is the platform on scientific culture of the Faculty of Sciences of the ULB. It publishes news-related scientific dossiers via Actusciences and Opensciences and participates in the organization of events such as “Le Printemps des sciences” and the exhibition on Einstein.

INTECOM is a non-profit organization created in 1970 to support the worldwide recognition and respect of technical communication as a professional activity and to improve the performance of that activity.

ISDE (International Society of Doctors for the Environment) is an independent, non-governmental non-profit organization of medical doctors whose main purpose is to help defend the environment to prevent illnesses, ensure the necessary conditions for health, and improve the quality of life.

IPF The International Polar Foundation aims to raise public awareness with regard to the importance of Polar Research efforts, the phenomenon of Climate Change, and the vulnerability of the Polar Regions.

IPL (Institut Paul Lambin, Brussels) is a non-profit organization created in 1973. It is « un établissement d'enseignement supérieur, membre associé de la Haute École Léonard de Vinci, (... associé à) l'Université Catholique de Louvain.

Kennislink is an independent, virtual platform for science communication in the Dutch language.

Kinderumwelt is a non-profit pediatric institute focussing on children's environmental health. It ist located in Osnabrück, Germany.

Medinet.be is a company created in Brussels which delivers online healthcare information.

Natuurpunt is an independent non-profit organization active in nature conservation and management, in providing access to nature, in studying nature, in lobbying, and in providing training and education about nature and about the spatial and environmental conditions needed for sustainable maintenance, restoration, and development of nature in Flanders

Vigeo is a European independent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating agency.

WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) is a coalition of 170 international companies united by a shared commitment to sustainable development via the three pillars of economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.

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GreenFacts is also a member of:

IUCN is a World Union whose objective is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.
COM+: Alliance of communicators for sustainable development The Com+ alliance is a partnership of international organizations and communications professionals from diverse sectors committed to using communications to advance a vision of sustainable development that integrates its three pillars: economic, social and environmental.

The Conservation Commons encourages organizations and individuals alike to ensure open access to data, information, expertise and knowledge related to the conservation of biodiversity.