About GreenFacts

Our Mission is to bring the factual content of complex scientific consensus reports on health and the
environment to the reach of non-specialists.

To this end, The GreenFacts Initiative publishes clear, faithful summaries of existing scientific
reports on environmental and health topics: the GreenFacts Digests and the GreenFacts Co-
Publications. These are peer reviewed under the control of an independent Scientific Committee.

The Greenfacts Initiative publishes also “news” that briefly and factually highlight the content of some
recent reports in these matters. These news are not peer reviewed.

The GreenFacts Initiative is a non-profit project founded in 2001 Initially “GreenFacts
Foundation” and then changed to "GreenFacts" in 2004, it is now "its is managed by Cogeneris sprl.


This initiative was created in 2001 from the vision that:

  • in the environmental and health fields, the current state of scientific knowledge is an essential
    basis for constructive debates and informed decisions.
  • scientific information available on these issues is often partially unreliable, because it is
    usually provided,
    • either by stakeholder organizations (businesses, NGOs...), which tend to defend their
      opinions or their own financial or political interests,
    • or by individual experts, which are often tempted to put forward their own personal

The founders agreed that the current state of scientific knowledge on these issues is best provided
by scientific consensus reports, produced by large panels of scientific experts under the authority of
international organizations, such as WHO, FAO, IARC, UNEP, and the European Commission.

However, these reports are sometimes difficult to find, and usually hard to read and understand because
they are long, complex, and written in expert jargon. To be understood by non-specialists, they need to
be summarized, faithfully and in plain language.

Latest News

Water resources and environmental impact of marine litter and micro-plastics in marine litter: evaluation and recommendations

Farming, erosion, biodiversity or contamination: the declining state of soil in Europe

Alzheimer, cancer : scientific assessments on toxicity, danger and health risks from aluminium exposure in food, antiperspirant and dermatology products.

The public needs better communication on the new label system regarding the safe use of chemicals.

The risks from exposure to mixture of chemicals : adequately evaluated ?


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